Warriors & Quiet Waters Cocktail Reception

September 13, 2016, Milwaukee

The ABC Group is proud to host a charitable fundraiser at Bacchus-A Bartolotta Restaurant in support of the Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation. This event seeks to raise awareness of the sacrifices our service men and women have made in the post 9-11 world we live in, and their ongoing battle to reintegrate following their tours of duty. Attendees to this invite only event will have the opportunity to learn more about WQW’s unique mission directly from participants and directors alongside other business leaders in the community.


About Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation

Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation began operation in 2007 with the mission of being a catalyst for positive change in the lives of post-9/11 combat veterans through the experience of fly fishing in Montana. Their program is focused on serving combat-wounded veterans whose reintegration challenges include physical wounds (including amputations), unseen wounds (including PTS and TBI) strained personal relationships, feelings of isolation and loss of a sense of purpose. After seeing measurable outcomes in the areas of greater mental health, improved relationships and a greater sense of purpose among participants, WQW consciously expanded their program to include veteran’s caregivers and alumni. Their financial support comes from individuals, corporations, private foundations, and grants. Any combat veteran from all branches of the military, retired or in active duty, who is having trouble transitioning home is eligible to participate. Learn More