Everything Our Clients Need to Succeed

The ABC Group will help facilitate the details to make our clients’ Chinese business ventures as productive as possible. This includes providing a range of services to ease their ability to conduct business, giving them more time to focus on the business decisions that will directly impact their bottom line.

These services include:

  1. Chinese Business Travel – Since it is vital to maximize their time on the ground, we will assist in efficiently arranging multiple business meetings, in-country transportation and international travel plans. We will also manage their business and transportation schedules, and handle all lodging details. Subsequently, this will minimize excessive travel and costly downtime, allowing them to more clearly focus on the key business issues they need to address overseas.
  2. Human Resources in China – Graduating more Ph.D.’s than the United States on an annual basis, China offers an abundance of qualified candidates available to fill any position at our clients’ companies. We aid in the identification of recruits, assist with screening and interviewing, and offer training support for new hires. Like many business propositions in China, selecting the right personnel can be the difference between success and costly failure.
  3. Translation Services and Business Facilitation – Needless to say, the language barrier is a significant challenge facing companies doing business in Asia. From contract negotiations to routine day-to-day program management, the ability to communicate clearly and accurately is essential for success. Our Translation and Business Facilitation service allows clients to use a trusted translator, chosen to work on their behalf, with prior business experience and the understanding to always keep the client’s best interests in mind. Through this ability to streamline communication, business decisions are made quicker and potential risks and obstacles are avoided.