Implementing an Effective China Sourcing Solution

Despite efforts to lessen reliance on China, an effective China sourcing strategy can still be a key component of your global supply chain if managed strategically, and unlock significant value.

With travel restrictions limiting overseas travel mobility, managing day-to-day supply chain processes can be a 24-hour job. And as today’s global supply chains face unprecedented disruption, companies need to evaluate how to strengthen their supply chains by balancing resiliency with efficiency.

Leveraging our multi-disciplinary staff in China, clients gain access to an experienced, on-the-ground team ready to help manage and execute your supply chain strategies immediately.

Our account team consists of in-market professionals that actively manage suppliers by:

  • Overseeing Product Launches, including Research & Development (R&D), New Product Development (NPD) and Project Management (PM)
  • Implementing best-in-class processes and client-specific Standard Operating Procedures
  • Providing supplier visibility, and logistics planning and strategy
  • Mitigating risk with real-time, on-the-ground quality control and risk management solutions
  • Confirming vendor relation stability and analyzing long-term dependence

Clients using this supply chain service have a presence at each of their Chinese suppliers’ locations on a 24/7 basis. This enables improved supplier performance and greater control of their overall supply chain.

Why The ABC Group

Unlike other supply chain consulting companies, our deep knowledge and highly experienced teams in China and other Southeast Asian markets, understand how business is conducted on-the-ground and goes beyond simple advisory services to include key operational support. With proven processes in place, we help clients quickly achieve optimal results and consistently exceed client performance expectations with bottom line ROI often seen after a single quarter.

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