Protecting our clients’ assets and optimizing efficiency

Supply chains are the lifeline of manufacturers’ overseas operations. If not running smoothly, inefficient supply chains are leaving money on the table, if not flat-out losing it.

Managing day-to-day supply chain processes from the other side of the world can be a logistical nightmare, especially when someone has to be flown over to China to troubleshoot a problem every time one arises. It’s inevitable that businesses will lose valuable production time and significant money during this process.

With The ABC Group, clients get an experienced staff on the ground to address supply chain issues in real time. And we don’t just diagnose problems, but we fix them, too. Companies save valuable time and money by leveraging our expertise and presence that is already in place, ready to execute their business strategies immediately.

Our Chinese account team consists of in-market professionals to actively manage Chinese suppliers by:

  • Overseeing R&D
  • Executing quality control management support
  • Providing production and logistical planning
  • Mitigating risk with real-time, on the ground risk solutions
  • Confirming vendor stability, analyzing long-term dependence, and more

Clients that use this service are able to have a presence at each of their Chinese suppliers’ locations on a 24/7 basis, resulting in improved supplier performance and greater control over their overall supply chain.
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