Real-time execution when you need it most

Keeping a close eye on reject rates and potential manufacturing defects, our experienced, hands-on, Quality Control Management services will:

  • Review existing vendor quality control standards
  • Identify nonconforming goods
  • Implement corrective action procedures and
  • Create performance benchmarks to measure supplier quality control over time

To accomplish this, ABC Group’s designated China account managers will conduct work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods quality inspections on a routine basis, submitting findings to clients after 48 hours of inspection. More than just consultants, we also provide the professional expertise to quarantine rejected products and implement corrective action procedures right away to marginalize any potential downtime.

Through this enhanced vendor visibility and systematic inspection process, we routinely see clients experience a 60-70% reduction in claim rates and incidence, allowing for more efficient supply chains and reduced overall expenses.
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