Sourcing in China: How can we help?

  • Qualified Network of Chinese Suppliers to find one that best meets your needs
  • On-the ground support staff in China
  • 40+ years’ experience with Asia Manufactures
  • Production and logistical planning
  • Increase Supply Chain Efficiency and shorten product development time
  • Quality Control Management Support
  • All Clients receive designated US and Chinese account Managers for program continuity
  • Market Research & Analysis – Identifying niche segments and competitive advantages in China.

Our China Sourcing Service

Chinese Supplier Evaluation »
Identifying and Qualifying Chinese suppliers that provide substantial value is crucial for any company competing in this marketplace. MORE

Supply Chain Management »
Experienced boots-on-the-ground to address supply chain issues such as new product development, production scheduling, and logistics support in real time. MORE

Supply Chain Analysis »
Receive the critical insights required to create key performance benchmarks while addressing operational deficiencies. MORE

Quality Control Management »
Work-in Progress (WIP) inspections, finished goods quality inspections, and 3rd Party Laboratory Testing on a routine basis, submitting findings to clients after 48 hours of inspection. MORE

Supplier Audit »
We diligently audit Chinese vendors, routinely verifying Social SA8000 and Operational ISO compliance over time. MORE

China Market Research »
Our in-depth market research and analysis provides our clients with the necessary intelligence needed to shape their decision-making process. MORE

Why The ABC Group

Our leadership team on both continents has years of invaluable experience – on the ground in both the U.S. and Vietnamese markets – that just can’t be replicated without having invested the time in truly cultivating it.

By leveraging our deep knowledge and seasoned personnel, we help clients achieve optimal results in sourcing from and exporting to China and Vietnam.

Our certified professionals have inspected goods
on the shelves at:

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