Putting the Pieces Together

There’s no substitute for ABC’s intimate knowledge of trustworthy Chinese vendors and supply chain partners, protecting its clients’ valuable assets in China. This information and these connections have been nurtured over decades of hands-on experience, going well beyond superficial internet vetting or tradeshow encounters.

Based on our robust skill set, here are the major sourcing services we provide:

Supplier Landscape Analysis »
Sorting through the clutter, we clearly identify the very best Chinese suppliers for our clients … MORE

Organizational Gap Analysis »
Bridging the gap through objective analysis of procurement effectiveness … MORE

China Market Research »
Identifying niche segments and competitive advantages in China … MORE

Supply Chain Management »
Protecting our clients’ assets and optimizing efficiency … MORE

Quality Control Management »
Real-time execution when you need it most … MORE

Supplier Audit »
Monitoring vendor services to maintain conformity … MORE

Supplier Improvement Program »
Retaining capable, trusted Chinese suppliers through vendor development … MORE