We Know the Market

Being inherently in-tune with the Chinese market, The ABC Group assists its clients in selecting trustworthy distributors overseas, analyzing qualified leads and market opportunities, providing marketing and sales support, and establishing a long-standing presence in the country.

We provide our clients with expertise to succeed in exporting to China based on the following considerations:

  1. The Playing Field Has Changed Over the last 25 years, the entire business landscape in China has completely transformed. Beyond seizing the benefits of low-cost manufacturing, multi-national businesses are now also looking to capitalize on supplying China’s vast and emerging consumer class. The ABC Group has the on-the-ground presence and in-depth experience necessary to assist U.S. companies looking to successfully expand their footprint in China through exporting. With a clear understanding of the fragmented marketplace and the non-traditional strategies needed for long-term success, we will guide businesses every step of the way throughout an otherwise confounding process.
  2. A Series of Moving Targets With 56 different ethnic groups and 292 different languages, the Chinese marketplace is far from homogeneous. By attacking the market as 22 city clusters rather than pursuing the entire country as a whole, The ABC Group has found it more effective to “go deep” rather than “go wide”. Recognizing localized differences and constant shifting, in both consumer segments and behavior, we help our clients develop effective product strategies tailored to capture market share in these evolving markets.
  3. Making an Entrance The ABC Group’s know-how, always based on minimizing risk and maximizing long-term success, emphasizes a phase approach to entering the market. Advising on certain introductory strategies, such as indirect sales or joint ventures, we provide our clients with the best routes to establishing a presence in China while limiting initial capital investment and overall exposure.
  4. Proven Processes and Experienced Talent = Success Understanding market segmentation, conducting valuable analysis and partnering with the right teams in China will put multi-national companies in a great position for long-term success. With The ABC Group’s guidance and execution, our clients get an experienced partner there, on the ground, assisting with all facets of the complicated market and sales cycles.

For more information on Exporting to China, download the PDF here.