Vietnam Sourcing: How We Can Help

  • Qualified network of Vietnam suppliers
  • On-the ground staff in Vietnam
  • 40+ years’ experience with Asia manufacturers
  • Production and logistical planning
  • Easy transition manufacturing from China
  • Quality control management support
  • All clients receive designated US and Vietnam account managers for program continuity

Why source in Vietnam:

With uncertainty due to U.S-China trade tensions, Vietnam has emerged as a hot, new market for importers looking to reduce risk and unit costs by rapidly shifting their supply chains from China. Still, as U.S. companies look to immediately establish credibility in a new market, it’s important to recognize that Vietnam manufacturing also presents unique challenges that require on-the-ground support.

So, while Vietnam may not necessarily replace all Chinese sourcing operations, it should be strongly considered to augment them as a secondary source for critical products or assembly. With decades of experience in the region and support on the ground in Vietnam, let The ABC Group help you facilitate a profitable Vietnam sourcing solution.

Exports to U.S. exceeded $65 billion in 2019.

Many Leading Brands have already established operations in market (LG and Samsung)

Close to manufacturing hubs in China

114 seaports allow for efficient ocean shipments

Minimum wage is half of China’s

Stable government with multiple bilateral trade agreements

GDP growth on average exceeded 6% per year since 2000

On pace to overtake China on annual GDP growth rate for first time

Why The ABC Group

Our leadership team on both continents has years of invaluable experience – on the ground in both the U.S. and Vietnamese markets – that just can’t be replicated without having invested the time in truly cultivating it.

By leveraging our deep knowledge and seasoned personnel, we help customers achieve optimal results in sourcing from and exporting to Vietnam.

Our certified professionals have inspected goods
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