You Can’t Manufacture Experience

Our leadership team on both continents has years of invaluable experience – on the ground in both the U.S. and Chinese markets – that just can’t be replicated without having invested the time in truly cultivating it.

By leveraging our deep knowledge and seasoned personnel, we help customers achieve optimal results in sourcing in and exporting to China.

An Experienced Team on Two Continents

Joseph Jurken

Principle & Senior Partner

Joe Jurken is the Founder and Senior Partner of The ABC Group. Having traveled to China well over 200 times, and with 25-plus years of in-market experience,…

Jurken created the AB C business model to provide cost-effective access to experienced, on-the-ground professionals in China for US importers and exporters alike.

In this role, Jurken continues to work closely with clients across the United States and Mainland China. As an authority on how US companies should best approach supply chain management in Southeast Asia, he also speaks regularly at business functions, conferences and summits.

Prior to founding The ABC Group, Jurken was Director of International Sales at a family business, first travelling to China in 1985 to investigate sales opportunities to suppliers servicing Fortune 500 brands in the footwear industry. Shortly thereafter, he returned to open and manage a sales office in Hong Kong, and subsequently Mainland China, to oversee these clients for his family business.

Patrick Goh

Managing Partner, Guangzhou Office

Goh is a former member of the Singapore Air Force and has been an invaluable China sourcing agent for The ABC Group’s China team for many years…

He has a range of experience in sourcing, direct sales and project management, working directly with over 100 US manufacturers and distributors over the past decade.

He has extensive experience selling into China and the surrounding nations as Partner and Director of Sales at Lexus Systems Distributors from 1996-2000.

Otto Sowa Jr.

Principle & Senior Partner

Having spent twenty-seven years as Plant Engineer for Badger State Tanning Corp, Sowa also has extensive education in materials engineering, process control…

and project management. For the last ten years, Sowa has acted as The ABC Group’s in-house technical expert, reviewing new projects and advising on supplier searches.

He’s also been an active volunteer electrician for Habitat for Humanity over the past decade.

Benjamin Jurken

Vice President

Since joining the team over 10 years ago, Jurken has successfully worked alongside clients in multiple industries from consumer products to industrial goods…

In doing so, he has become a valuable asset on many programs requiring market research, supply chain management and export development.

He has become an expert on reduction measures across foreign supply chains and export management within Mainland China. He is a contributor to The Price of Business and is Lean-Six Sigma certified.

Dabbie Young

Managing Director, Guangzhou Office

Young was born and raised in Hong Kong and is a current Guangzhou resident. Having been an ABC Group team member for over a decade, Young has successfully…

managed accounts in multiple industries, including oversees high profile clients and Fortune 500 companies. In doing so, she has traveled extensively, working on projects requiring the qualification of new supply chains, sales oversight and executive travel assistance.

Her greatest assets are her attention to detail, unrivaled work ethic and language skills, including proficiency in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

Richard Chen

Director of Supply Chain Management, Shanghai Office

Chen is a veteran procurement professional with experience in purchasing both commodities and finished goods from Chinese suppliers across multiple industries…

In addition to his supply chain management skills, Chen also holds degrees in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation from the University of Shanghai. This background, along with ISO internal auditing certifications, makes him an invaluable asset when evaluating new potential suppliers and/or establishing continuous improvement programs at existing contract manufacturers.

Chen is proficient in English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Shanghaiese.