The A-B-Cs of Chinese Business Consulting

In today’s shrinking world, doing business in China is a vital consideration for any business competing in the global marketplace. To truly succeed, it’s essential for companies to grasp the many nuances of the complicated business culture in Southeast Asia. However, without having years of experience and an established presence in the region, this is nearly impossible to achieve.

That’s where The ABC Group comes in. We leverage our vast hands-on experience to execute the most efficient processes on our clients’ behalf, including but not limited to:

  1. Managing supply chains – We give clients an experienced staff on the ground to address supply chain issues in real time. And we don’t just diagnose problems; we fix them, too.
  2. Analyzing the complex supplier landscape – This information allows clients to quickly move forward with a supplier that is fully capable and willing to meet their business objectives in the region.
  3. Supervising quality control – Through enhanced vendor visibility and our systematic inspection process, we routinely see clients experience a 60-70% reduction in claim rates and incidence once we get involved.
  4. Identifying and pursuing additional market opportunities – Being inherently in-tune with the Chinese market, The ABC Group assists its clients in selecting trustworthy distributors overseas.


We fully understand the intricacies of conducting business in China because we have been doing it over there – in person and on the ground – for over 30 years.

Unlike other consulting companies, our highly seasoned employees on both continents understand how business is conducted in both places, empowering us to consistently deliver timely results for our clients.

With proven personnel and processes in place in China, we not only identify problems, but we fix and prevent them from reoccurring, too.

In a highly competitive landscape, with tightening margins and quality constraints, The ABC Group stands alone in providing companies that are serious about conducting successful business in China with these vital services: